台風19号による影響 / Typhoon NO,19 Hagibis







The typhoon NO,19 Hagibis has caused tremendous damage throughout the country, and there are still areas where dangers such as power outages and flooding continue.
I would like to express my sincere condolences to the victims and pray for the recovery as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the hotel is open as usual with no major damage.

The situation of Karuizawa as of 10 am on October 16, 2019 is summarized below. The situation is improving every day, so please check the latest information when you go out.

[Traffic situation]
・ The Hokuriku Shinkansen runs back and forth between Tokyo and Nagano. There are 19 daily departures and arrivals at Karuizawa Station.
Please refer to the JR East website for details.
・ The expressway between Matsuida Myogi IC and Saku IC is still closed.
If you are coming from Tokyo, please take National Route 18 (Aoi Bypass) from Matsuida Myogi IC.
・ Although some roads in Karuizawa have closed roads, they have returned to normal.

[Status of Karuizawa sightseeing]
・ Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is open.
・ Tombono-yu in Hoshino area and Picchio are closed. Other facilities such as Harunire Terrace are reopening.
・ Shiraito Falls can be visited.
・ Kumoba Pond can be seen on the east side promenade and will enter the full-foliage season in late October.
・ Onioshidashien is also reopening.